Who Am I?

Modiegi: Outtaafrica

International Tourism Management and Business Administration Graduate based in Sweden, working temporarily in Finland, who behaves like a tourist at every instance and has a free-spirited soul with a quest to explore and tick off as many cities and countries as possible in her lifetime…

“My love for travel set me on a path of knowledge and a life on the go.” -#outtafrica

How I do it?

I am exploring the world one city at a time and taking advantage of every continent and country I arrive at. Full-time student, part-time explorer.

Why I do it?

5 Continents, 2 more to go..

I have always had a love for travel and I have immersed myself in almost every travel adventure that has come my way. I want to visit at least one country on each continent in my lifetime. Along the way, I have come across so many different cultures, customs, views, opinions and realisations and I don’t want to stop now!



1 000 000 000+

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✔️South Africa






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