Gauteng, Part 2!

August! Where is the time flying to? I can barely believe it. But we’re here now and here is where we’re meant to be. I will like to take the opportunity to first and foremost wish the ladies of South Africa a Happy and Prosperous Women’s Month! My prayer is that our vision for the women of South Africa is met in future as we continue to grow as a country and as a nation.


All protocols observed, as promised this is a piece about my time in South Africa in December 2020. Due to the pandemic, I didn’t do half, of any of the things I set out to do but at the end of this piece, I will list a few of the places I really wanted to visit while I was there and perhaps inspire you to visit!
As previously mentioned it all started with a deep need to visit SA after a year and a half of moving to and living in Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden. With that plan in mind, next up was the corona test, a short layover in Zurich and a +/-10 hour flight to the south of Africa. South Africa.’
It often surprises me that a number of people are quite clueless about the country, South Africa. But that also makes me realise how small and sometimes unimportant we all are in the big scheme of things.
A few background facts:
1. World renowned Cape Town is one of our capital cities
2. The motherland Nelson Mandela and many other freedom fighters
3. Situated in the very south of Africa
4. Has two countries within it (Lesotho & Eswatini – previosuly known as Swaziland)
5. Experiences all 4 seasons
Anyway amongst other things the country also hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It should go down in history what an incredible time it was and how open-hearted and willing to help South Africans truly are. We loved having all nationalities sharing this momentous occasion with us. We FELTIT! It was there and we’ll never forget!
So facts aside, I went down to South Africa to wrap up a few things. It was hot -hot. 32 plus degrees every day and evening times weren’t much cooler. This probably would’ve been fine for my African blood had I not just lived in negative degrees for the past year (Side bar, when I left Sweden was circa -2 degrees already in Borlänge)
Despite the pandemic, I had the chance to see some of my family, my closest friends  (who still live in Johannesburg) and I got to drive my car around for a little bit and remember what it’s like to change gears and ask the petrol attendant to fill my baby up.
So what are some of the things we are about? 
Braais and drinks – this is a South African welcome and we’d be damned to have it any other way. You can expect this hospitality in any South African home. In fact, it would be quite strange not to be offered a plate of food when visiting. Furthermore, it is a bit rude to say NO (I recently found out that, this is the case in a lot of my friend’s countries too).

The results of a BRAAI

Shopping – Johannesburg literally has a mall or shopping centre on every street. Living in Borlänge has taught me that it is ok to live with little (only because nobody needs that much to live) however, I had missed my favorite retail stores thoroughly and weirdly, it was Pick n Pay that got my heart pumping. The memories of Saturday’s filled with grocery shopping were quickly relived and seeing all my childhood goodies there for me to pick and choose as I please was AMAZING!
The Sunday Markets – ok this is a lifestyle thing and since forever now, Sunday’s after church were spent exploring the Sunday Market of choice. There are a bunch and it’s really all about the food, the Sunday culture, and being outside to start the new week in style. This time I visited Fourways Farmers Market which changed location since I had been there last.
Sunday Brunch & sundowners – The weekends back home are usually filled with catch-ups with friends and families and this includes mimosas for breakfast or a cocktail or 2 watching the sunset. Johannesburg folk are HUGE on the dining culture and we love a good meal and a fancy drink to go with it.

Locally produced Gin

Chilling out – although a fast-paced city and this are always HECTIC, there is always a time for a ‘chillas’. On some weekends, we take the time to chillll. Which is just taking it easy and gearing up for the next week. Not as chilll as the Capetonians but chill enough to revitalize for what next a big city has to offer.
I have briefly mentioned before in a previous blog that Gauteng has a fair tourism offering. Listed below are some of the places I would’ve loved to go again while I was there. Next time I’m in my hood, these are a must. Let me know if you’ve visited any of them.
1. Upside down house (
2. Lesedi Cultural Village (
3. Soweto Towers (
4. Constitutional Hill (
5. The Maboneng Precinct (

The eye never forgets what the heart has seen — African Proverb

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