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Outtaafrica: Behind every story, there is a full story – here goes…

17 September 2019

I’ve always been told to pursue my love of writing, it has always been a past time outlet since I was maybe 24? (One can’t be too sure). The name of the blog then was “My writing is my own?” I don’t quite remember what exactly sparked that name and I can’t be sure it was exactly that. Anyway, the Instagram story era then came strong over me. WOW! Very strong and I started documenting my travels for leisure, work and otherwise. Then I was told numerous times to start a travel blog/vlog.

I believed I never had the time to get cracking but you know in life, we make time for these things. That’s how I moved to Sweden and started to study full time and though a lot of my time is spent reading tourism articles, I make time to write some things here and there. Outtaafrica was born out of creative curiosity. I am so grateful that I started it because I’ve had so much fun!

IG: @outtaafrica

Honesty hour: I never had any real intentions behind @outtaafrica, it was just let’s say, a place to post my adventures, however now, a year later, I spend a good chunk of the day actively getting involved with student matters, Africa matters, tourism matters and just about anything that matters.

I am so grateful to have this space to write what I will, when I will. I am so grateful for the opportunities that come with it. I am so grateful to be me, Modiegi. Modiegi, @outtafrica.

Me doing what I love, LAUGHING OUT LOUD

A year in, I’ve met some interesting characters online but I’ve also met some really amazing ones. Shout out to them all!

A year in, I just must send a special mention to 3 of my friends here who have watched and supported @outtaafrica from the day it started! Thank you so much you amazing people, no matter where the road leads us, we will fondly remember the times we spent taking pictures together, creating instastories together and being together. Tonight, we sat together and cut some cake which is essentially one of my favourite things to do: FIKA!

A Swedish/South African FIKA.

If given the chance this is probably what I think each would say:

Dina: “She made me go everywhere with her.”

Himshazz: “She always took pictures of our food.”

Julateh: “She never sat still, she was always somewhere.”


I laugh! I laugh because who would’ve thought a year on we’d be cutting cake together in almost the same positions we did when @outtaafrica was born exactly one year ago.

Thank you again guys. Thank you, universe. And thank you to everyone else who has joined in on the journey. And of course, it continues – year 2 here we come!

The fun must go on with the knowledge that;

Content is KING!

Modiegi: @outtaafrica

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      admin says:

      Heja bluray,

      Thanks for your feedback. How very kind! Thank you for that. I’m glad I am motivating someone to start writing even if it is only for fun. Are you into writing too? :)


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