Adventures in Avesta

Usually, I am quite on the ball when it comes to my birthday but this year, I had suddenly forgotten and with a little help from my friends, I was reminded that celebrating your birthday is a must! Well, especially so in these uncertain times – gratitude for making it to another year is definitely something one should do!

Happy Birthday, Modi

It was the week of the big day and 2 of my friends and I sat together and came up with a plan for Saturday. Hedemora came to mind as we wanted to visit the brewery there, however, the weather was not on our side and from the onset, we’d have to ride about 7.5kms from the train station. Optimistic and willing, we thought we might be able to pull it off and proceeded to book our train tickets.
Saturday, 26 September: The day arrived and it was time to go, but the rain, unfortunately, would not let up. It was not small drizzles either but many big droplets pounding down. Unsure of what to do next, we huddled together again and came to another conclusion- let’s go out anyway. Names such as Falun, Stockholm, Uppsala, Sater, and many more came up but eventually, we decided on Avesta!
Let’s go to Avesta: Just like that we sprinted to the bus station and just like that we were on a bus to centrum where we then took our bus to Avesta.

Rainy Days: The bus ride seemed quite short but it was about an hour-long from Borlänge. Finally, we arrived in the city centre and that’s when we decided we had to make our way to see Sweden’s biggest Dala horse! Unsure again of how to get there, we let google maps decide our fate. Off we went.
About 30 minutes later in the rain, boom box blaring some good tunes, good vibes and conversation, there we were somewhere in front of dalahästen. Yay! To the dismay of my friends and anybody who cared to listen, I had been rattling on about seeing it for some months now. What a special way to start my new year, doing what I love with the perfect company too. It was a set up for the picture-perfect day (despite the relentless rain)!
After lunch at Dalahasten Restaurang, we spent a few minutes taking selfies and pictures and more pictures. (See the gallery). And soon it was time to make our way back to the bus station. Another 30-minute walk and chit chat we made it back to the centre – where the photos kept coming!
My musings: I have learnt that spontaneous trips make for the best stories. I usually plan every detail of my life but recently, I’m learning to let go a little and even more so when it comes to adventure.
Next adventure coming soon!
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