The Comeback

What a minute… is this thing on? As I humbly make my slow but steady re-entry into writing for this blog, I realize the urge to write was a nagging that didn’t go away and so now as I sit at my desk on school summer break, not only do I long for walks in the park, fun in the sun, jumps in the lakes but also to put pen to paper and start scratching off those goals I made myself.

The end of 2020/ beginning 2021 in a quick review
It’s been a weird year and a half, we were suddenly plunged into a pandemic that hasn’t quite gotten better despite our hopes of that. Last year this time, I remember the disappointment when I got a message from an airline to let me know that my flight back to South Africa for the summer was cancelled. I couldn’t believe the inevitable- strange isn’t it? The next day I woke up and in true ‘Modiegi fashion’ decided to make the most of the situation, I wasn’t going to SA, so I was going to stay right here and make it the best summer I had ever had! With help from fellow students, boy did we enjoy the Swedish Summer!

Summer Days in Dalarna

Have I made it to SA since?
Fast forward to December 2020, I really had to get back to SA to tie up some things and also very importantly enjoy Christmas with my family. So, I booked my ticket in early October (it was really affordable then) and patiently waited. Through Sweden’s winter darkness, through school assignments and through everything in between – the time finally came. However, this time was a bit different. It was the middle of a pandemic! I understand and am well aware of the amount of planning that goes into a normal trip but I underestimated how it goes when corona is involved. Meticulous planning needed!

Leaving Borlänge

First things first, testing
By now we know there are time limitations on the amount of time between when we go for a test and when we actually travel. At the time of my travels, there weren’t many available testing centres in Dalarna so I scheduled my test in Stockholm and then had to leave about 2 days ahead of when I had initially planned. Anyway, I was going home to family, friends, biltong and Braais (internationally known as a BBQ).
What happens?
I do not think anyone can prepare you for a covid test. There are so many different opinions which go as follows: “It’s itchy. It’s painful. It’s uncomfortable. It’s fine.” Personally, I think that it is anything but fine and if I can avoid it for the rest of my life, I WILL. My first ever corona test ended in a tiny amount of tears and they weren’t of joy either.
After you actually get the test, then creeps up the doubt. And for the next couple of hours, if you don’t distract yourself, you find yourself thinking continuously about that weird cough you had or that new scratch in your throat. The mind – a powerful thing. Anyway, the testing centre I went to was great and I had my results and travel certificate within 24 hours.
My corona test and certificate cost about 2300 Swedish Kronor and though it was quite pricey, soon I had forgotten about it and was heading home. Home, where my family and friends stay – anticipating my return every time. 🇿🇦

Johannesburg: A tiny braai and a cold Hunter’s Dry – if you know, you know

While I was there 
I will eventually fill you in on how I enjoyed my time in sunny South Africa but now, I’d like to quickly mention (and I’m sure you are aware) how unpredictable travel is right now. I guess one could say; I learnt my lesson. And haven’t considered much of a trip since then. While I was in South Africa a stronger and stranger variant of covid-19 hit and so, the country was marked on the red list of countries. PANDEMONIUM! My return flight got cancelled but because it was still Christmas and New Year, I decided to worry about that closer to the time of my planned departure. By the end of it all, I just had to book a completely new flight back. That was just stressful and in my humble opinion unless you really need to travel, don’t! But still, yet, trust that every happens for a reason even if you don’t know the reason at that moment.

Johannesburg: A day at the Farmer’s Market (The location changed since I was last there)

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